Vitrifrigo DW210RFX OCX2 78/104 Litre Stainless Double Drawer Fridge - 050260-053113

Vitrifrigo DW210RFX 78/104 Litre Stainless Double Drawer Fridge - 039881 051696 053113 12/24VDC

The Vitrifrigo SeaDrawer Series offers a complete range of Stainless Steel fridges, freezers and dual configurations to meet most space and capacity requirements.

Made with 316 stainless steel, complete with electronic digital thermostat and interior LED lighting. Devised and designed to withstand external use, they can guarantee maximum protection against the elements. Design innovation and culture come together in top-quality products to bring you quality, reliability and performance.
Now with the new Steelock system.

The stylish stainless steel finish provides a modern look to complement decor with sleek sophistication. Ergonomic, silent, reliable and safe; these units are a popular choice for the marine application.

Vitrifrigo: DW210RFX OCX2

Product features:

  • 182 Litres total capacity
  • 78 Litre upper compartment & 104 litre lower compartment
  • Power supply: 12/24V dc (also available with dual electronic box 12/24V dc
  • 45W nominal power consumption
  • 873H x 740W x 630D
  • Multi purpose spacious and sturdy drawers
  • Made of stainless steel 316
  • Steelock design and technology into a "top" lock (Flush Flange only)
  • Total built-in flange. Now with the new STEELOCK system
  • LED Thermostat
  • LED light for a perfect lighting in your fridge
  • An extra safety lock against accidental opening of the drawer
  • Weight - 60kg