Vitrifrigo DW180DTX OCX2 2-Drawer 64 Litre Fridge plus 80 Litre Freezer - 12/24VDC - Flush Frame with Slteelock 051375

Vitrifrigo DW180DTX OCX2 2-Drawer 64 Litre Fridge plus 80 Litre Freezer - Flush Frame With NEW SteeLock 044696 051375 12/24VDC

The Vitrifrigo SeaDrawer Series offers a complete range of Stainless Steel fridges, freezers and dual configurations to meet most space and capacity requirements.


The stylish stainless steel finish provides a modern look to complement decor with sleek sophistication. Ergonomic, silent, reliable and safe; these units are a popular choice for the marine application.


The Drawer refrigerators are Vitrifrigo's answer to the high-end demand and are available in five (5) configurations: all refrigerator (RFX), refrigerator/freezer (DTX), refrigerator/freezer with built-in ice-maker (DTX IM), all freezer (BTX), and all freezer with internal ice-maker (BTX IM).


Product Features:
  • 144 litres total capacity
  • 64 litre fridge and 80 litre deep/freeze freezer
  • Supplied with stainless steel fitting frame and storage baskets as standard.
  • AISI316 Stainless Steel mounting flange, inside draws and accessories
  • Designed to operate on both 12V/24VDC, with low power consumption
  • 240 Volt option available if required
  • Sound certified Danfoss BD50 compressor for minimum noise
  • New style evaporator means better performance
  • LED Thermostat for precise temperature control
  • Highest grade HD polyurethane insulation
  • LED light system ensures lowest energy consumption and highest light output
  • Dimensions 865H X 666W X 590D
  • Weight 55kg