Vitrifrigo DIY Kit 260/80 PT8 + ND50ORV | 260L Fridge or 80L Freezer

Vitrifrigo DIY Kit 260/80 PT8 + ND50ORV | 220L Fridge or 80L Freezer


This Vitrifrigo DIY Kit is made up of the PT8 flat evaporator plate, ND50ORV Cooling Unit, and digital thermostat.

This Kit is suitable for a 260L Fridge or 80L Freezer.


PT8 Flat Evaporator

Flat evaporators can be easily installed and provide a multitude of different cooling requirements, due to the ability to bend them to fit into the refrigerated compartment. When installing, always use the stand-offs and provided holes in the plate evaporator.

Width: 1010mm

Height: 270mm

ND50ORV Cooling Unit

Width: 275mm

Height: 160mm

Depth: 150mm

Digital Thermostat


DIY Tips & Tricks

  • A well insulted box with minimum 50mm wall thickness is recommended.
  • Top loading configurations enable maximum cool to be retained when opened and closed frequently.
  • The door must be well sealed to prevent the evaporator plate icing up.
  • The compressor needs to be well ventilated for optimum performance.