Isotherm Classic DIY 200/65 Kit 200L Fridge or 65L Freezer (381506)

Isotherm Classic DIY 200/65 Kit 200L Fridge or 65L Freezer (381506)


The Isotherm Compact Classic Refrigeration Kits are the perfect refrigeration solution for your boat or RV. These units are designed for easy DIY installation into any suitably insulated new or existing ice box.


As the Danfoss compressor is practically silent in operation it can be placed in a locker, wardrobe or even under a berth for ultimate space saving opportunity. The Compact thermostat-regulated refrigeration unit uses a Danfoss compressor to cool an evaporator fitted in the refrigerator or deep freezer box.


The Isotherm cooling units use air or sea water to remove the heat efficiently. To simplify installation, the system is split into two sections; the compressor/condenser unit and the evaporator. These sections are joined together by a 2 meter aluminum and copper tube with quick-coupling connections that can be easily connected and disconnected with minimum loss of refrigerant.


All Isotherm DIY kits use R134a ozone friendly refrigeration gas. The thermostat control box can be mounted in or outside the fridge.


  • Evaporator Type: 'O'
  • Compressor Type: BD50F
  • Av. Power** Consumption: 0.9
  • Max. Power Consumption: 3.5
  • Compressor Dimensions L x W x H: 315mm x 160mm x 155mm
  • Evaporator Dimensions L x W x H: 270mm x 380mm x 140mm
  • Weight: 9kg