Vitrifrigo DW360DTX 221 Litre Fridge 80 Litre Freezer 62 Litre fridge SteeLock Stainless Steel - 050955

Vitrifrigo DW360DTX - 221 Litre Fridge 80 Litre Freezer Stainless Steel -050955

Product Description

The stylish stainless steel finish provides a modern look to complement decor with sleek sophistication.

Ergonomic, silent, reliable and safe; these units are a popular choice for commercial and recreational vessels.

With a 301 litre total fridge and freezer capacity, the DW360dTX houses a 157 litre upright fridge with stylish twin Freezer/Fridge drawers beneath for unrivalled functionality, higher capacity and excellent access.

A high-efficiency, low-noise fan operates inside a suitably ducted stainless steel diffuser for even ventilation throughout the refrigerator, eliminating any possibility of condensation forming on the sides or on foods.


  • Upright fridge with hidden evaporator and twin drawers below.
  • The 157-litre capacity refrigerator module has been equipped with a new diffused ventilation system.
  • Integrally mounted twin compressor system – ensures freezer temperature is constant in high and low ambient temperatures.
  • Temperature control using electronic LED thermostat.
  • Rolled edge stainless steel doors with both magnetic closure.
  • 12/24v 110v/240v as standard
  • Sound certified Danfoss BD50 compressor for minimum noise
  • New style evaporator means better performance
  • Highest grade HD polyurethane insulation
  • LED light system ensures lowest energy consumption and highest light output
  • Flush Fitting Frame with SteeLock as standard. 


  • Capacity: 157L refrigeration, 80L Freezer+ 64L fridge
  • Dimensions: 666W x 591D x 1707H mm
  • Weight: 100 kg
  • Power: 110/240VAC or 12/24VDC
  • Average Power Consumption: 5 A/hr


Vitrifrigo: DW360DTX_050955

Please check on this product before ordering as it may have a 90 to 120 day lead time